1893 World's Columbian
Exposition Lecture

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Construction in Jackson Park A View of the Court of Honor One artist's bird's eye view rendering of the exposition plans. A view through the first ferris wheel.

A Digital Slide Presentation and Lecture

The Columbian Exposition was Chicago's proof to the world that it had recovered from the Great Fire of 1871 to become a global metropolis, and is widely recognized as a pivotal event in the formation of the modern American consciousness. Eric Larson's Devil in the White City has brought the Exposition to the attention of the contemporary public, and is "suggested reading" before viewing this presentation.

Join Michael as he provides a brief synopsis of the genesis and construction of the Fair, followed by an extensive virtual tour of the buildings and grounds featuring over 300 images culled from his vast collection of 1890's era books, lithographs and pamphlets. These rare and beautiful images are interspersed with obscure facts and riveting behind the scenes stories gleaned from period literature. A fascinating trip through what many believe to be the greatest peacetime event in human history.

Time: 60-70 minutes for the presentation, 20-30 minutes for breathlessly excited questions.

Price: $150

You also must provide a digital slide (PowerPoint) projector.


Details of the Golden Door in the Transportation Building A Charles Graham lithograph of the Grand Court at night. Portion of an 1893 Rand McNally map of the exposition grounds. View of the Art Palace-now the Museum of Science and Industry. The beginning of the end: the Peristyle burns after the exposition closes.


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