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Not part of a large group but still want the magic of a Brainsnack Tour? Just book a personal tour. Although the price may be a bit more compared to other tour options in the city, there are many reasons that a Brainsnack Exclusive Personal Tour (EPT) is well worth the money.  

  • Exactly What You Want: CAF or trolley tours only travel on a pre-planned route and discuss what is on the guide's script. With a Brainsnack EPT, you'll be able to call the shots; working out exactly what you'd like to see or what the content/theme(s) of the tour will be. Mix and match from the full menu of specialty tours or whatever strikes your fancy. Make up a list and I'll work out a tour to your specifications.

  • Exactly When You Want It: Prepackaged tours go off on their schedule, not yours. Want a tour in the evening after you've taken care of business? No problem. A sunrise tour before you head into meetings and seminars? Absolutely. Whatever time you'd like, 24/7, will be fine with me (as long as I'm not previously engaged.)

  • High Level of Information and Candor: There are certain subjects or answers to questions that I simply won't discuss in detail with a big bus group (and that you definitely won't hear about on a "commercial" tour); but with a Brainsnack EPT the gloves are off and nothing is out of bounds. I know the sordid history of the city and where all the metaphorical bodies are buried in present day Chicago and won't hesitate to expound when asked.

Price: $125 per person (up to 5 people) for 1-2 hours. Walking or vehicle tours (you provide the vehicle*) or a combination. Price to be determined for longer tours.

*Many clients prefer to rent a limo for these tours, but keep in mind that they aren't built for sightseeing. A passenger van with driver might be a better option if you really want a viewing experience, but of course a limo is best if you prefer to drink alcohol and snack whilst the tour is in progress.

Last updated 28 May 2013


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