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Ever wondered what the story was on that awesome building you always notice on your way to work? Who did that cool sculpture in front of your building? Why the Brown Line is so curvy? Contact Brainsnack Tours and we can design a tour around your curiosity and needs. I mean, you already know where Navy Pier is and stuff like that, now it’s time to learn the full story about what really went down in this town — if for nothing more than to impress visiting friends and relatives. Speaking of:

Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?
Next Friday is that huge presentation, the one you’ve been working months on, the one that’s going to make your career, you get home and your voicemail gives you a dreaded message: “Mom and Dad are coming into town next Friday at two and they just absolutely have to see how you’re doing here in Chicago!”

Now you know there’s no way you can blow off Mom and Dad (or Aunt Hattie and Uncle Gustav or whoever) or that you’d even want to, but that presentation is at 2pm sharp and you know there’s no way in hell that it could be rescheduled, but you also know that Mom and Dad are too skittish about big cities to be able to fend for themselves for the three hours it will take to do this presentation and all the ensuing stuff from said presentation and then to get wherever you need have them hang out until your done or if you have them come to your work but then you’ll have to...Oh, crap what am I gonna do? Brainsnack To the Rescue!

Brainsnack Escort Service (No, not that kind of Escort Service!)
Tell me where and when to pick up your non-urban-savvy loved ones, where you need them to be and at what time they need to be there: and I’ll collect them, give them a tour or take them for a nosh (or both), and deposit them off wherever you’d like, all safe and sound. All the while stressing how safe and cool the city is and how they shouldn’t worry about you here and stop giving you so much grief about living here when you come home for holidays.

It’ll cost ya! ($35 per hour plus expenses), but you’ll have one huge load off your mind. Plus, your loved ones will learn more about the city and worry less about you in it.

Brainsnack Chats
“Hey Mike, my friends and I already know where everything is, so we don’t need to ride around with you and have you point at it. We just have a bunch of questions about various buildings and historical events.”

No prob, Billy Bob! Just book a Brainsnack Chat Session. I’ll show up wherever you’d like and hold forth on all things Chicago for you and up to seven of your friends, either for a half hour ($50), or a full hour ($75).

Brainsnack Dinner/Event Speaker
Need an an informative and entertaining presentation for your group event? Just say the word, and I’ll cook up a fabulous and funny oration on the themes of your choice. Price to be determined by size of group and length of discourse.

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