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Imagine this scenario:
You and your partner are on a tour of Chicago. You’re very excited because you’re finally getting to see all the cool places and buildings you’ve heard so much about for so long. In the throes of your joy, you and your sweetie hug or hold hands or share a quick smooch or do any one of those many little harmless public displays of affection that straight people take for granted every day. Suddenly you look up and notice that your guide is now disgusted or extremely uncomfortable. Now the moment is broken as you think to yourselves, “Well excuse US for forgetting what an uptight world it is for five seconds!”

Had this happen to you? Know that it isn’t outside the realm of possibility? Well, it will never happen on a Brainsnack Tour. Despite being a big ol’ butch breeder boy (say it five times fast), I've spent my adult life in theater and artistic subcultures and have always run with a gay crowd. Most of my best friends are gay and I’m pretty darn Metrosexual (just a few credits shy of my Gay Equivalency Degree). Not to come on like I’m Captain PFLAG or anything like that, but gay PDAs and the gay thang in general don’t bother me none. So book a Brainsnack Tour with confidence that you won’t have to pretend you're “just roommates” or need to apologize for who you are.

Michael Corcoran: You’re here, you’re queer, he’s used to it.



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