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Did You Know?

Navy Pier first opened as Municipal Pier in 1916. It was renamed Navy Pier at the same time Soldier Field was dedicated to war vets, 1925. It was also used as a staging area for naval training during World War II. Over 200 Navy fighter planes litter the bottom of the lake a few miles off the end of it, where scores of fledgling navy pilots flunked their “landing on a fake aircraft carrier deck” final exam.

Tour guide Michael Corcoran views the rear of the Museum of Science and Industry. Designed by Charles Atwood, the building was originally built 1891-93 as the Palace of Fine Arts for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

After the Fair, the building housed the Field Museum of Natural History into the 1920s. The structure, originally built of plaster, was reconstructed in stone (an exact copy) for the Museum of Science and Industry. Designated a Chicago Landmark in 1995.

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