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The brainsnack.net Website was designed and is maintained by Kate Corcoran. Kate has degrees in history and anthropology, but actually works as the director of research and information systems for a small national non-profit association based in Chicago. An avid amateur digital photographer and sometime Web designer, Kate is solely responsible for any errors or problems with this site. If you have comments, questions, want to report problems or errors, or are interested in ordering photographs, please email! Kate belongs to the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the Usability Professionals Association.


Kate the Crabby Viking

A look back: the crabby Viking...

I have no idea why I was so cranky that year -- after all, I won first prize at the school Halloween costume contest.

Perhaps it was because my mother would not allow me to take a real hatchet. Or I had momentary delusions of climbing out of tomboy-hood. Or because without my glasses (which I recall were sparkly and didn't really fit the Viking image), everything was quite, quite blurry.





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