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Did You Know?

There was a second Chicago Fire in 1874 that caused a significant amount of damage on the near South Side. After this "little Great Fire" insurance companies threatened to desert the city unless reforms were enacted--resulting in actual enforcement of ordinances passed in 1871 and to the revamping of the Chicago Fire Department.

Michael Corcoran in the Osaka Garden

Tour guide Michael Corcoran rests a moment on the bridge in the Osaka Garden in Jackson Park, on the site of the original Japanese garden and HO-O Den Palace of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

About Us

Brainsnack Tours is the "brainchild" of Michael Corcoran, CTG, and his wife Kate, who have lived in Chicago since 1987.

Michael, with experience as both a step-on and walking tour guide, developed his love and expertise for Chicago's history and architecture when pursuing his B.A from DePaul University. He combines his experience as a writer, storyteller, and professional stand-up comedian with his tour-guide expertise to provide informative and tailored tours infused with dry wit.

Kate has degrees in history and anthropology, but actually works as the director of research and information systems (computer geek, for short) for a small national non-profit association based in Chicago. An avid amateur digital photographer, Kate is solely to blame for the photos on this site and for the Website design.


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